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Female feticide

May 03, 2007 EP Admin 0 Comments

The rights of women are sacred. See that women are maintained in the rights assigned to them. -- Prophet Muhammad SAW 

Welcome to YOUTH AGAINST FEMALE FETICIDE AND GENDER INEQUALITY, the nonprofit organization dedicated to better quality of life in our city, country, and around the world.

“Laskmi Bhushyate Roopam Lakshmi Bhushuate Kulam
Lakshmi Bhushyate VidyamSada Lakshmi Vishishyate”
       ---Maharishi Agastya 

In 2006 the organization started its initiation with a PadaYatra of three hundred kilometer against female feticide  in Haryana under premiership of its founder Shafiqur Rahman Khan 

After regular padyatra and village commeette formation in mewat recorded the highest child sex ratio at 906 females for every 1,000 males in the region.

We are working with religious/ethnic leaders, community members and other stakeholders to eliminate the menace. 

Shafiq with Doctors in Haryana in
a report release programme "Chikh"
Though, many govt. and non- govt. organizations are working on the above issues and also many laws exist that are able to deal with the crimes of gender inequality. But it is also true that the ban or punishment to fuel the revolt and the problem keeps worsening secretly and this is also somehow true to these issues.
In the above scenario, we can mobilize people into a social movement against gender inequality & female feticide. It has been observed that social organizations whether individually or govt. motivated often pressurize male population and somehow they ignite rebellion attitude among men. We have to make right use of them against gender inequality.
It is obvious that this task is not so easy that it can be achieved in a day or two. ‘Padyatras’ (Marches) which have been tested formula to create a platform for several social movements will be our tool for giving an ideological stream to the cause.

Shafiq in a programme of Religious leaders 
The notorious belt for Female feticide (Gujarat, Punjab etc.) will be our first target. By organizing several Padyatras (Marches) in several phases in this belt we will organize several committees of organizations, individuals against Female feticide, which will have a sharp eye on its work area independently.
Organization of local youths’ and businessmen’s committees will be done by organizing public meetings throughout the towns and institutions which will come onto the route of Padyatras or Marches. Those youths would be the commons, full of human sympathy and not only the temporary or permanent social workers, who would be able to lead the movements against Female feticide And Gender Inequality in the future and also, able to create social pressure against the various unsolved problems.
In fact, by making the local groups trained in solely and emotional way, we want to make the society realize the need of equal participation and equal opportunity for the society, through them.

Some Photos from field 

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