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Don't gift him DEATH

July 26, 2015 Unknown 0 Comments

On #yakubMemon

My personal take, ready for criticism as I know majority will oppose.
I am not claiming his innocence neither am I saying trust his claim that he is a changed man now & wants to serve India. Neither m I being insensitive towards the '93 blast victims & their families..

But yes I want to quote- "Don't hang #YakubMemon"

Death is - end to suffering....
Don't gift him death...
Instead punish him with Life...

Yakub being a well educated fellow,his skills can be used for good.I mean he should be ordered to teach & help prisoners in jail with their education for rest of his life in jail.

Hanging him is not the answer,it's an easy way out for him.
It's likely that his execution might make him a hero for some,victim for some & so on....
He is in jail since last 22+ years.. let him rot there....
Keeping him alive but in jail till his last breath, this would be a better punishment.

As quoted by our law intellects

Life sentence is like slow poison.( a five-judge Constitution bench hearing a case linked to former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi's assassins said)

Quoted by Chief Justice HL Dattu, who heads the bench,
"In the death sentence, one is dead and gone and people also forget about that person as public memory is short. But life sentence is like slow poison. We want them to be alive and suffer and realise the crime they committed and understand how the victim's family felt.
When we commute death to life it means life till death and no remission is permissible"

~ my personal take....
    Critics are welcome.