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6 minor girls from W Bengal rescued in capital live

April 05, 2012 EP Admin 0 Comments

New Delhi, Apr 5 (PTI) Close on the heels of the shocking case of a doctor couple locking up a young maid, Delhi police has rescued six minor girls allegedly trafficked from villages in West Bengal and supplied as domestic maids by a placement agency here. The police conducted multiple raids following an order issued by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) and targeted the premises of the placement agency in Chirag Delhi and houses where maids were believed to have been supplied. According to a statement by Shakti Vahini NGO, six minor girls were rescued -- two from the houses of their employers and four from the premises of the LG placement agency. The girls were today produced before the CWC which ordered that cases be registered under the Juvenile Justice Act against the employers and traffickers. In line with a CWC order, a team of crime branch and representatives of two NGOs was formed and raids were conducted yesterday. While four girls -- 13, 17 and 11 years of age -- were rescued from the premises of the agency, two sisters aged 18 and 15 years were rescued from the house of their employers where they were working since the last few months after being placed by the agency, the NGO claimed in a statement. Three of the girls had allegedly not been paid by their employers and one was sent back to the agency on allegation of theft. Most of the girls were trafficked from villages in West Bengal and the agency is allegedly run by two persons named Laxman and Rahu. The CWC directed the crime branch to produce the rescued kids before it and also asked it to produce a girl found at one of the raided houses, who did not appear minor prima facie. The CWC also directed NGO Shakti Vahini to contact the anti human trafficking unit of West Bengal to expedite the repatriation of the girls to their families. It also said that a statement of all girls should be recorded before the SDM under the Bonded Labour Act, and all six should be provided shelter and care.
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