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April 08, 2015 EMPOWER PEOPLE 0 Comments

What is the purpose of celebrating the victory of independence, when our sisters are  just seen as an item to study the concept of supply and demand. Why are we taught that life is not a monetary product, when on the other hand a daughter is born with a price tag over her. Where is the morality of wise men of India. Where is the philanthropy of saints? 

Bride trafficking presents hypocrisy in front of the era, because you link an alluring institution of our society that is marriage to the barbarous trade. This monstrous business of dumping women into hell occurs between those who auction them, to the ultimate buyers and the story is yet not over, they are also being used as a pleasure giving object by several inter-mediators. Rajasthan, Haryana and Punjab are among those who are contributing for the disappointing state of present.  What is the need of giving a woman a title of ‘jagat janani’ when you do not even bother to mean it, if you would have then you would not have called her by the derogatory and absurd names like ‘paro’ and ‘molki’.

We come on roads, we scream, we abuse and turn down the system if any one of our rights gets violated. Then why are we or prefer to keep our lips shut when it comes for raising our voice for someone whose every fundamental rights are denied from her? Where is the potential youth and administration of the highest democratic, plural cultured and sovereign country? A trafficked bride is compelled to work in farms as bonded labors, used by her husband’s relatives to satisfy their wild expectations and the most frustrating part is that they are hardly given the identity of being called as an Indian because their names are nowhere enrolled in the ration cards and voter ID cards. And we still talk of individual’s liberty in the preamble? Why? Why our Indian constitution is running out of laws for securing their rights to enjoy their existence as a self-rule individual who has no price tag, who is not a machine to produce children, who is equally important in making decisions for her entire family if not for the family then at least for her own self.

Time has come to slap those who see us as a mutilated sex. It is not just the fight of those who have survived in this trade but the duty of all of us to stand together and face the problem with a solution.   

@+Deepmala Tiwari is studying in Tata institute of Social Sciences. she tweets at  @DeepmalaTiwari
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