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Life in Bollywood & the Entertainment Industry

June 20, 2020 AARUSHI JAIN 0 Comments




This is a report on the webinar- Life in Bollywood & the Entertainment Industry. It was held on 20th June, 2020, Saturday from 08:30p.m onwards. This webinar is organized by EMPOWER PEOPLE and Ar. Yashika Tijoriwala handled all the key speakers and interacted with them about the entertainment industry.

The key speakers are as following -:

  • ·         Jitender Pawar (Film Director)Trip to Bhangarh
  • ·         Desh KK Yadav (Film Director)
  • ·         Zameer (Film Director)

 Those involved in providing entertainment: radio and television and films and theater are known for the entertainment industry. According to people life of celebs, actors, actress, spot person, and all people in this industry are living the lavish life. But is it true? No its not. They are also human being. They have a life beyond this industry which is private but it does not remain private.

‘Bollywood’ – the Centre of the Hindi film industry, and a play on Bombay, as Mumbai was once known, and Hollywood – is the main feather in the Indy wood cap, although films made in India’s other regional languages, particularly South Indian languages Telugu and Tamil, are also abundant. Behind the scenes is an army of creative minds, not least a canny band of in-house lawyers, directing the studios and production houses in the legal and commercial side of the movie business. But at this time of lockdown nothing is able to be done.

When unlock 1.0 was started so any kind of shoot is able to restart. And flipkart ad has been started in Delhi. And mother dairy ad has been shot at home as they wanted to do. Even people have started asking for the ideas for shooting from home at this point of time and many filter copy videos have been released. Hopefully listening that from JULY everything will be start again with proper precautions and safety measures.

Life in Bollywood is not so easy as it’s growing globally actors are facing tough competitions within their competitors. Gradually everything is involving so vastly that its being difficult. People judges other life so easily that they forget everything. Privacy is highest issue for them. People are asking for the fresh content and now digital content & OTT is more feasible now. So at the time of lockdown everyone seen everything so need something else.

Future of this industry depends upon the situation & conditions. As earlier the rating was high. As we were living on our choices but now it’s opposite. Prediction is very hard at this point but in green zones it will start again with government measures. Like movies can not been seen in theatres so producer have started using OTT platform. It’s like blessing in disguise. We need to see every moment of opportunity.

Choosing any movie or web series should be based on their content as audience is focusing on their content and appreciate their work and efforts. And at this point of time we should look for the loop hole of opportunity in one of the most difficult period and explore the options. And in the starting we had a video which was directed by Jitender Pawar about the actors and challenges. So we should consider that even in our mind. If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor.

So in the crux I would like to say that everyone faces challenges and after that they become successful and get fame after their hard work. So never stop yourself and your ideas even at the worse situation even.