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Pandemic Experience across the world

June 27, 2020 OVIYA EZHILVANAN 0 Comments

Pandemic Experience  across the world


Compiled by Oviya. E

           This pandemic has made people restricted to their houses. People in different countries suffer a lot because of this pandemic. This webinar helps us understand the situation across the world. The useful information given by a pharmacist from Tanzania made us get to know the easier way to stop the spread of that ‘hooky creature’. Many other people shared the experience they had during the peak of COVID.

           Yashika Tijowala hosted the webinar. Paulo Rubio, a Rheumatologist from Barcelona, Spain shared his experience. An Architect named Amaya from Spain, Krupa Pratap Brahmakstri, a data scientist from California and Sarfraz Ahmed, a chief pharmacist, from Tanzania joined the meeting.

         Sarfraz Ahmed shared his experience and opinions on driving out the virus. Lockdown is completely new for people. Social distancing and other preventive measures have helped in swimming out of this pandemic slowly.

        Krupa, data scientist shared her experience about the pandemic in California. She shared her work experience and the count of COVID cases in her place. The number of positive cases came in after the month of March. Lack of preventive measures made the situation worse. Continuous functioning of grocery shops and other shops amidst the increase in COVID cases led to the rapid increase of the spread.

 Amaya gave an account of the emotional trauma underwent by her fellow citizens due to the demise of their loved ones. Work from home is a good alternative to keep employees satisfied and prevent the spread of the virus.    

 Doctor Paulo Rubio who lost her father during the pandemic complains about not having medical support at the initial level. This became the reason for hyped deaths                             

     No one can predict the end of the virus. It is our duty to stay safe and follow preventive measures. We must not panic but must be cautious. It is our prime responsibility to take care of the senior citizens. We all must be optimistic and strong and be ready to help each other.