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Opinion : Child Sex Abuse

October 26, 2017 EMPOWER PEOPLE 0 Comments

While we hear news of unending infrastructural development projects lining up for execution to create a "developed" India, what development are we really talking about if we cannot even pay attention to establishing uncompromised safety measures for our children leave alone adults? 

It is a matter of utter shame that we have been unable to create a safe environment for children even as we enter into the 21st century. What is it in our Nation that allows people to fearlessly assault children with predatory behaviours amounting to sexual abuse, even in the very places (Schools and homes) that ought to nurture their growth into healthy individuals?

It is indeed a matter of great concern that our leaders don't cry their heart out in the open, let alone acknowledge, the rising trends of child sexual abuse and condemn such incidents with strict action accompanied by no holds barred approach towards combating such predatory tendencies.

It is sad that we need to now gather in mass and raise our voice for something which should have been a given. We hope that the Nation's keepers and leaders can unite for this cause and ensure thorough measures for creating a safe City, a safe Nation and a safe World for children. Children surely deserve nothing less than this atleast, if not more.

-- Reema Thunderbolt