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Opinion : Needs to works stereotypical mindset of the society

October 29, 2017 EMPOWER PEOPLE 0 Comments

It’s not what you look at that

Matters, is what you see….

Child Sex Abuse (CSA) is still a hidden or less spoken subject in our society, still considered to be a taboo. Child sex abuse can be defined as involvement of dependent, developmentally immature children in sexual activities. When India is emerging as a superpower, still some of the matter remains unresolved. CSA is an insidious cancer in our society that silently claims victims and thousands of childhood and yet very few among us are willing to acknowledge.
      According to a finding of 2007 survey by the Ministry of Women and Child Development 53% of Indian kids had experienced sexual abuse of some kind in their lives and almost 22%of them had faced severe forms of sexual abuse.
               Why Do you think There Is Prevalence of CSA in Our Society???Some people have a common perception that boys cannot be abuse, its limited to girls, women or poor of the society. The reality contradicts the assumptions, incase the case studies and survey portrays a picture where boys are abused more in comparison to girls.
                          The problem arises when adults are carrying a stereotypical mindset and the same is passed through generation after generation despite being aware of the facts. The are more after myth than facts. A small but very effective example: black cat has crossed the road,so you must not go. arey bhai usko  bhi kahin  jana hoga na.
                                        A 3year old boy named Dhruv was abused by his neighbor in absence of his family members. After few days Dhruv’s mother noticed some changes in her son’s behavior when she enquired about it Dhruv told everything that had happened to him. They immediately lodged a complaint but due to their weak financial status they had a mutual settlement worth Rs.80,000.It was pathetic.I see Dhruv everyday he is still struggling to come out of the incident, he remains quiet most of the time,doesn’t play alongwith his friends anymore.I see the culprit roaming freely and its more painful.
I hope I have penned down my feelings clearly onto the paper but the feeling  still remain in my heart.
    Education is of prime importance especially proper sex education for the youth.society plays a pivotal role as I think change begin with us .

-- Chandrani Chakraborty