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Impact of Covid 19 on Refugees and migrants

April 30, 2020 OVIYA EZHILVANAN 0 Comments

Covid 19 has changed the lives of people around the world. The impact it has made on migrants and refugees is very saddening Empower people has invited Ms.Matrina Maria to discuss the issue. A panel explores the lives of people around and discusses the solution for the issue.


Ms.Martina Maria throws light on five issues that summarise the impact of covid 19 on refugees and migrants. Firstly she speaks of Migrant labour. The decrease in family income makes them migrate to other countries. During the pandemic, this leads to a possibility of infection. Global inequality is the next point she discusses. In a few countries, immigrants are not treated with due respect and importance. Politics plays a major role. Politicians are tested during the pandemic for their efficiency. Movements and global migrations are the last to issues.


Ms.Sumati and Ms.Roohi shares their opinion about migrations and human emotions. It is the responsibility of the government to provide the migrants and refugees a proper incentive for their livelihood during this pandemic. Most of the migrants are low wage laborers. The owners must take responsibility for their laborers and think for their welfare. It is important for the government to make logical and reasonable decisions rather than emotional decisions. Positive mind-set must be instilled among people. Ignorance about the issue leads to fear and chaos among people. It is necessary to provide the right information to the people.


Covid 19 has brought down the economy of several countries. Hence it must be a combined effort of all people to bring their countries back to form. People must help each other and take care of themselves too. There is nothing impossible and with reasonable efforts of the government and every individual,  the impact of corona on people belonging to lower strata of people, refugees, and migrants can be made less harmful.