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Mental health and well-being during COVID-19

May 07, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

 Webinar on: Mental health and well-being during COVID-19

 Report by: Gaurika Kalsi


The following report is based on one of the webinar sessions from the covid-19 webinar series organised by Empower People Organisation to support, educate and empower people in this hard time of the pandemic.

The topic of the online panel discussion was “Mental health and well-being during covid-19”. It was conducted on 7th May,2020 at 9:00pm (IST). The panellists for day were psychology students- Ms. Sumati Rani, Mr. Adarsh Trivedi, Ms. Shivani Nirmal and Ms. Bhagyashri Sharma.

 Points covered by Ms. Shivani Nirmal :

  • Ø  Mental health of a human being is as important as his/her physical well-being.
  • Ø  Concept of uncertainty & Shock
  • Ø  Social media and its effects
  • Ø  Post-traumatic stress
  • Ø  Communication & seeking help
  • Ø  Indulgence in various hobbies
  • Ø  Schedules & Balance
  • Ø  Have patience& don’t give a hard time to yourself or people around you. Support yourself & your loved ones.

 Points covered by Ms. Bhagyashri Sharma:

  • Ø  Cases of anxiety and depression during pandemic
  • Ø  Human body & its mechanism with stress
  • Ø  Resemblance of stone age & pandemic situations
  • Ø  Acceptance of vulnerability & sadness for a brief moment
  • Ø  Opportunity to grow relations with loved ones
  • Ø  Self awareness & personal strategies
  • Ø  Go with the flow & try different things that calms you like meditation, drawing, etc.

Points covered by Mr. Adarsh Trivedi:

  • Ø  Concept of stability in electrons and humans
  • Ø  Career & Social pressures
  • Ø  Resistance to communication due to lack of understanding & generation gap which further triggers anger, stress, anxiety, etc
  • Ø  Loneliness, survival & feeling of being stuck in the scenario
  • Ø  Embracing and overcoming this isolation period
  • Ø  Enfold gratitude 
  • Ø  Stigma with counselling &shrinks
  • Ø  Health & Fitness
  • Ø  Stay hopeful& keep going  

Points covered by Ms. Sumati Rani:

  • Ø  Lack of distraction/escape from emotions during the pandemic.
  • Ø  Isolation triggers stress, fear & anxiety.
  • Ø  Social media’s unrealistic promotion of 24x7 happiness
  • Ø  Pressure of productivity & monetary goals
  • Ø  Lack of initiatives to embrace flaws & failures
  • Ø  Acknowledgement of emotions/mental health.
  • Ø  Fear of judgement
  • Ø  Seek professional help/counselling if required
  • Ø  Maintain consistent routines like journals, learn new languages, etc.


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