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Social Business: What it is and Why it matters

June 05, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

 Report by:- Gaurika Kalsi 


The following report is based on the webinar streamed by The Empower People Organisation on the topic “Social business: What it is and Why it matters 

The Empower People Organisation has taken an initiative to support, educate and help people towards their overall empowerment. And they are continuing this work even in this pandemic phase through online webinars and panel discussions. 

This webinar was conducted on 5th June,2020 at 8:00pm. 

Ms. Hridaya Ajgaonkar started the panel discussion by introducing social business as an area that blendeconomics, philosophy, sociology, and sustainability with human rights. 

She invited Ms.Jitna Bhagani, social entrepreneur of SHAKTIISM, and Ms. Chandana Hiran, a CA student and change maker. 

Key points discussed by Ms Jitna Bhagani: 

  •  Investment in social business means receiving what was put into (if you choose to receive). It is similar to charity. 
  • Depends on donations. 
  • Examples of Social businesses 
  • Targets symptoms, not causes 
  • Unsustainable dependencies 
  • Tax benefits  
  • Where does the money go 
  • Comparison of profit business and social business 
  • What is wrong with capitalism 
  • Indian capitalism &disparities  
  • Bright sides of social business 
  • Description of SHAKTIISM and Indian branches 
  • Covid-19 challenges &Social impact of SHAKTIISM 
  • United Nation sustainable development goals 2030 
  • Starting a social business& contacting 
  • Journey of social business 

Points discussed by Ms Chandana Hiran: 

  • Change making program with She creates change & Campaigning 
  • Her petition for Iifa towards objectification of women in Bollywood songs 
  • Social media and petition campaign 


The webinar motivates and encourages people who wish to make a change in the society, to start a social business as well as support various organizations who are taking initiatives for the same.