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Webinar Series: Environmental concerns during COVID-19

June 06, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

 Report by: Gaurika Kalsi 

The Empower People Organization has organized a webinar series to support, educate and encourage people towards their overall empowerment in these harsh times of the pandemic. 

The following report is based on one of those webinars. 

The topic of the panel discussion was “Environmental concerns during COVID-19”. It was conducted on 6th June,2020 at 08:30pm. 

Panelists for the evening were: 

  • Ms. Yashika Tijoriwala (Moderator) 

  • Mr. Anant Joshi (Project manager, International Institute of Energy Conservation) 

  • Mr.Ar Rahul Shrikhande (GRIHA Trainer& Evaluator, Asst. Professor,VESCOA) 

  • Mr.Stalin Dayanand (Conservationist & Director, NGO Vanashakti) 

  • Mr.ArJiyan Pattarwala (LEED AP BD+C IGBC AP GRIHA CP) 

  • Ms.ArPRAJAKTA ADHIKARI (Researcher& Environment Architect) 


Ms. Yashika Tijoriwala (Moderator) began the panel discussion with pleasant news of a reduction in carbon level with the lockdown. 

Key points by Mr. Anant Joshi (Project manager, International Institute of Energy Conservation): 

  • Cleaner air and water (Improvement in the quality of Yamuna) 
  • Wildlife in cities 
  • Declination in carbon levels  
  • Maintenance of the positive changes 
  • Explanation of Green house gases 
  • Source of greenhouse gases and it’s domino effect 
  • Short term Vs Long term initiatives 
  • Targets of renewable resources 
  • Decentralized power generation 
  • Background pollution 
  • Public transportation 

Areas covered by Mr.ArJiyan Pattarwala (LEED AP BD+C IGBC AP GRIHA CP): 

  • People might not maintain the environment improvement as soon they start with their regular life.   
  • Energy & irrigation efficiency 
  • Diesel cars Vs Electric cars  
  • Need to build awareness & promote the education of the subject matter in particular 
  • Green rating: percentage-wise authorization 
  • House gardening 
  • Turning the term sustainability into responsibility 
  • Ola and uber's new policies 


Areas covered by Mr.Stalinayanand (Conservationist & Director, NGO Vanashakti): 

  • Water bodies(Kolkata, Haridwar) 
  • AQI of Delhi 
  • Global warming 
  • Irrigation & Ice meltdown 
  • Suppression of environmental health in the path of economic growth 
  • Infrastructural projects are ongoing 
  • Solar energy 
  • Dessert locusts & ecological faults 
  • Real changes rather than just acknowledgment 


Areas covered by Ms.Ar. PRAJAKTA ADHIKARI (Researcher& Environment Architect): 

  • Nature’s control 
  • Government’s responsibilities towards concrete change 
  • Environmental disruption & over channelization of resources 
  • Outdoor Vs Indoor air quality  
  • Air ventilation & people’s conception of covid-19 
  • Respiratory system &house activities 
  • Carpooling 
  • Cautions for air, dust, pollution particles in the house 
  • Home plantation  


Questions by Ms. Yashika Tijoriwala (Moderator): 

  • What is Greenhouse gases 
  • How to reduce carbon levels post lockdown 
  • Authorization of green rating 
  • Websites for updates 
  • Infrastructural projects 
  • Renewable resources 
  • Work from home and air quality 
  • Larger policy decisions 
  • Sustainability & sustainable living