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Pandemics in Medieval India

July 25, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

 Webinar Series: Pandemics in Medieval India 

Report by: Gaurika Kalsi 

The Empower People Organisation has taken an initiative to support, educate and help people towards their overall empowerment. And they are continuing this work even in this pandemic phase through online webinars and panel discussions. 

The following report is based on one of those webinars streamed by The Empower People Organisation on the topic Pandemics in Medieval India. 

It was conducted on 25th July ,2020, Saturday at 08:00pm (IST). 

Speakers for the session were:  

Enayatullah Khan, Assistance Professor, Department of History, Aliyah University. 

Matiur Rahman Khan, Assistance Professor, Department of History, PGDAV College (Eve), University of Delhi. 

Some of the points discussed by Mr. Enayatullah Khan:- 

  • Tughlaq period 
  • Ved upanishad 
  • Samhita  sushruta 
  • Cholera and Plague 
  • Rise of physicians 
  • Black deaths 
  • Contamination of water and air 
  • Misrule of rulers 
  • Tuzuki jahangiri 
  • Health pandemic and hunger pandemic 
  • Migration 
  • Public kitchen/Soup kitchen 
  • Winter season Vs other seasons 
  • Malaria 
  • Origins of plague 
  • Fossils& ecology 
  • Present Vs Medieval facilities 
  • Royal and building structures 
  • Researches 
  • Education curriculum 


Some of the points discussed by Mr. Matiur Rahman Khan: - 

  • Pandemics and historical changes 
  • European struggle 
  • Central Asia 
  • Bimaristan in Islamic Spain 
  • Bimaristan in Cairo,Egypt 
  • Indian Manuscripts 
  • Thoughts of medieval people 
  • Treatments and perspectives 
  • Sources 
  • Archaeology