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Psych talk: What is “normal”?

July 20, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

 Psych talk: What is “normal”?

Report by: Gaurika Kalsi

The Empower People Organization has organized a webinar series to support,

educate, and help people towards their overall empowerment in these harsh times

of the pandemic.

The following report is based on one of those webinars.

The topic of the panel discussion was “Psych talk: What is “normal”?

This question and its importance has been discussed in this webinar by

Ms Sumati Rani and Ms Shivani Nirmal.

It was conducted on 20th July 2020, Monday, at 08:00pm.

Points by Ms. Sumati:

 What is normalcy

 Who decides normal and abnormal

 Situations & contexts

 Maladaptiveness

 Distressing(emotional distress, subjective discomfort)

 Causes of maladaptiveness

 Stigmas

 Therapies

 Laughter & humor

 Seeking professional help Vs communication with well-wishers

Points by Ms Shivani:

 Vague concept

 Normal Vs Abnormal

 Behaviour and Cognitive thinking

 Environmental and biological factors

 Perspectives

 Disorders & various criteria

 Deviant

 Seeking assistance & Normalization

 Homosexuality

 Generation &Mental health