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Health and Healing: Perspectives from ancient India

August 04, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

Report by: Gaurika Kalsi

 The Empower People Organization has organized webinar series to support, educate, and help people towards their overall empowerment.

The following report is based on one of those webinars.

The topic of the panel discussion was “Health and Healing: Perspectives from ancient India”

It was conducted on 4th August 2020 at 08:00pm.

Panellists for the session were:

Diwakar Kr. Singh (Assistant Professor, Department of History, CM college LMNU darbhanga)

Matiur Rahman Khan (Assistant Professor, Department of History, PGDAV college(Eve), University of Delhi)

Some points by Mr. Diwakar Kr. Singh:

Global history of medicine

European origins


South African origins


Story of Kampilye

Food variations

Tree leaves

Charak, Susrutr,etc

Ayur + Veda


Religions and regions

Some points by Mr. Matiur Rahman Khan:

People’s perception

Illness & Experiences

Herbal plants

Tribal works

Gracia de Orta

Christoval Acosta

Adrian Van Rheed

Arogya Vihara

Healing process

Notation of health