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An Indian-American Revisits his Roots: A glimpse into the lives of women in Southern India

August 08, 2020 Indrani Kukkadapu 0 Comments


An Indian-American Revisits his Roots: A glimpse into the lives of women in Southern India

Presenting to you a screening of the documentary feature film NARI by chai Dingari and Indian American filmmaker visit in New York city.

Watch the documentary with us on 8 August 2020 at 8 p.m. IST and stay back for a candid conversation with the filmmaker Chai dingari and his mother durga dingari who is also the producer of this film. Composite view of a woman's life in present day.

Nari work with local NGOs unions and other community organisations on location to provide an inside look to many private and previously off-limits faces the resulting film lets the subjects tell their own stories in their own words and try to give a voice to the voiceless in a broad cross-section of Indian society.

Split into four chapters the film begins with portraits of old days and progresses backwards down to youth through the structure several teams image hope and loss ideals and reality dreams and regret the importance and power of literacy is emphasized as we see firsthand how even a little bit of education in change angles life forever.

The location include the girls tribal welfare school list in woods of West Godavari and all girls school with alright children where we hear from angles with strong personalities and hunger of living learning .

They visit a women's welfare centre in Hyderabad and hear from passionate adolescence who have fought with their own families for the day higher education
Women at an old age ashram in malkajgiri else's tales of loneliness abonnement and heartbreak.

 Feminist writer satyavati kondaveeti lends her voice to give a historical and social contest to the tales we hear and poem by famous poets Nirmala Kondapuri throughout emphasise the themes of the piece.

 This word is framed by conversation with the filmmakers own mother and grandmother learning a personal trust to the narrative.

 The filmmakers mother singari also a producer or not is a journalist who work done pieces about child labour and women's issues in the 1980 and 90s before she moved to America for her own husbands job.