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Know the laws Indian law provisions for crimes against vulnerable groups and women.

October 18, 2020 OVIYA EZHILVANAN 0 Comments

Know the laws Indian law provisions for crimes against vulnerable groups and women.

compiled by Oviya

Empower people comes up with another webinar to educate all of us about the laws available to protect vulnerable groups and women. In this webinar, we have Ruth Thomas Advocate and Co-Founder, SRT Law Associates, Roseann Rajan, Advocate, Madras High Court. Shruti Sahnmali, Enrolled as an advocate in Bar Council of Delhi. Shivani Nirmal moderates the webinar.

There has been a necessity to bring in laws for women since our ancient days. In case of human trafficking, the buyer and seller are called as traffickers and the subject is human.

Steps in human trafficking:

·        Recruitment

·        Transportation

·        Harbouring

·        Transferor

·        Receiver

Human trafficking is an electrifying issue. However, it is not evident unless an enquiry is done. She requests us to take it serious if any adolescent is missing in our neighbourhood and not consider that she has eloped. There is a lot of trauma associated with human trafficking but it is very important to not keep quite and we must report immediately.

It is important to learn to demarcate between what is an abuse and what is not. It is advisable to serve for the people in our family. The speaker says that this nurtures us as a good person.

Women are treated in an un welcoming manner in their workspace. They are told double meaning jokes, shown pornography, speaking in a sexually inclined manner and so on. Women are not supposed to live adjusting such circumstances. There must be an internal compliance committee in any workstation that has more than ten people. Not having one such system is an offence. If there is no reliance for the victim on this system, the ministry of women and children has a web portal to take such complaints. The portal is

Educated people, NGOs and social workers must take the initiative to educate the people about sexual reproduction. This is to create awareness. It also stops abuses against women, stops child marriage and even put a stop to myths.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about the things that matter. So ,it is our responsibility to talk when necessary about such issues.