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Social psychology: Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination-introduction (part 1/4)

October 17, 2020 OVIYA EZHILVANAN 0 Comments

Social psychology: Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination-introduction (part 1/4)

This webinar is conducted by Empower people to discuss stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination that prevail in our society. This discussion is carried over by Ms.Sumati and Ms. Khayati.

According to the psychologists, stereotype comes under cognitive component. Affective component comprises of the prejudice and behavioural component comprises of discrimination.

Stereotyping: beliefs about social groups

  Stereotypes about groups are the beliefs and expectations concerning what members of those groups are like. Stereotypes can include more than traits, physical appearance and behaviour.

Glass ceiling:

Barriers based on attitudinal or organisational bias that prevent qualified females from advancing to top-level positions.

Example: A news which reads “male troops won’t accept women commanders” is a reflection of barriers in mind that prevent females to excel in their lives.

Objectification in video games:

    The findings about characterisation and appearance of females and males suggest that males who were exposed to the objectified images showed high tolerance for sexual harassment.


    It can refer to hiring based on membership. it can concern a numerically infrequent presence of a particular category.

This is an informative webinars where Ms Sumati throws light on several terms based of stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination.