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Psych Talk: Manage your Mental Health with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

October 10, 2020 OVIYA EZHILVANAN 0 Comments

Psych Talk: Manage your Mental Health with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

compiled by Oviya.E



Empower people has come up with an alarming webinar. Anuradha Karegar, a Counselling Psychologist and Shivani join the webinar to give us the right information.


The webinar starts with the explanation of cognitive behavioural therapy. CBT focuses on the thought process the patient is going through. Patients learn to automatically identify the negative thoughts and recognise how these thoughts affect their behaviour. It is a highly effective therapy. Patients are given homework to make it more effective.


Some signs of low emotional intelligence:


·        Being argumentative

·        Not listening

·        Blaming others

·        Emotional outbursts

CBT is used to solve such issues. CBT triangle was also described.

 The following are some of the CBT techniques:

·        Applied relaxation

·        Journaling

·        Setting goals

·        Guided discussions

·        Cognitive distorted examination

·        Creating rewards and desensitization.


There are some core beliefs that act as inner walls and restrict us from accepting new possibilities in life. The thought- behaviour cycle includes: core belief- negative self talk-cognitive disorders-unhelpful behaviour. It is important to not accept negative comments and thoughts which tend to degrade our potential.

 Light was thrown on topics such as irrational beliefs, irrational thinking , discomfort disturbance and cognitive distortions.

This webinar gives us better takeaways to live a positive life.