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मजदूरों को कैसे मिलेगी राहत

May 14, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments


Webinar series topic: मजदूरों को कैसे मिलेगी राहत 


Report by: Gaurika Kalsi 


The Empower People Organisation has taken an initiative to support and empower people through covid-19 webinar series on several issues of the society.  

The following report is based on one of the webinars with an agenda-” मजदूरों को कैसे मिलेगी राहत”. It was conducted on 14th May,2020 at 08:00pm. 

The panellists for day were Mr.Om Prakash Singh, Mr.Aashish Sagar, Mr.Albadar Khan and Mr. Anjule Shyam. 

The briefing of the webinar was done by Mr. Albadar Khan. He introduced the situation about how the labours are travelling back to their homes/villages through cycles, buses, trucks and even on foot, due to the lack of earning opportunities in the pandemic/lockdown situation.  


Mr.Om Prakash Singh, a member of National working committee of AIITUC, discussed:- 


         - How the labours were overlooked in the beginning of the pandemic and how that got them into the condition of travelling with their families and little children on foot.
        -He insisted that government needs to immediately transfer money in their accounts             rather then formulating long/complicated strategies that would take months to reach all the labours 
      -According to EPF, whole labours force won’t receive the funds. 
     -Governments need to work together and raise higher funds 
     -Medical check ups ,safe travels and revival packages. 
     -Minimum wages and timings 

 Some of Mr. Albadar Khan’s points:- 


  • -He asked about the conditions of Jharkhand and Bihar. 

  • -He questioned the satisfactory rating of the government strategies of funds and food for the labours. 

  • -Funds for villagers & funds for labours going back to the villages 

  • -Labour's preferences in future 

  • -Small scale industries challenges