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Staying motivated and building immunity during lockdown

May 20, 2020 Indrani Kukkadapu 0 Comments


Staying motivated and building immunity at home during pandemic

                              Published by: Indrani Kukkadapu

This following report briefly explains about the webinar staying motivated and building immunity at home during pandemic. It is also available on youtube as a link is; . In this webinar we can really confront how to overcome regarding the depression and tension which we usually get during pandemic.As our government already suggested some guidelines towards immunity ,here also we can get the same but these were almost related to the " Ayurvedic" .As the topic is about immunity which we get by staying at home,more than medicines we suggest ayurvedic which were available at home every time.

 This webinar is hosted by reena .k ,and with addition,Dr. Satish Garg , professor Roganidan;Dr.Baldev Kumar Dhiman,Vice chancellor,Sri Krishna Ayush University;Dr.Ashok Yadav,asst.professor(swasthavritta and yoga).Dr.Geeta Singh, principal,Ayujyoti ayurvedic college,Dean,Ayurveda pt.BD Sharma VHSR,EC member,SKAU kurukshetra. Here we get all types of queries like what are best suggested...and how to overcome the depression we confronted. The best suggested ways to improve immunity and approachable home remedies, and the yoga asanas to develop immunity and finally the motivation to improve ourselves to stay healthy..

  Firstly dr.satish started with the simple and clear definition of immunity in 2 to 3 ways. Like " defence of the body against the injuries, bacteria, virus, infections etc." And " Process of the body which deals efficiently with diseases." And "  Which reduces the growth and power of diseases and improves the resistance." Immunity also perfects our organism to be resistive. And the explanation for the thing immunity is as follows;

There is a membrane called mucus which lies under the skin and protects our body not to be affected by the bacteria , viruses etc.

Gastric juice which helps our stomach not be affected by the waste foods.

Having malnutrition is one of the major problems to lose immunity. And as same drinking alcohol and treating drugs and toxic substances etc all are the best examples for losing our immunity in our body. Of late, actually we should feel that having immunity means we are really fortunate.

Immunity also is a type of inherited thing which we can easily acquire from our parents and grandparents. During pregnancy through placenta we get.and with the cholesterol too. And while not having proper food,and getting affected by AIDS , HIV etc, taking drugs during pregnancy leads to losing immunity both in child and parent too. The level of immunity gets reduced and leads to disease.

As  we know , our blood contains white blood cells and red blood cells. Only the white blood cells are the reason for having immunity in our body. In them also active ,passive and natural killers like cells work in our body. That active cells creates antibodies and passive cells acts like military cells and natural killers help to fight with the new viruses and bacteria which enter as like COVID-19. Within these too T types are fulfilled with 70% and CD8 cells 30% plays a crucial role . While increasing CD8, T type cells decrease which leads to loose immunity.

Here we got all the information about why carona seems risky..right?

Secondly, the mam Geetha singh introduced the home remedies to confront covid-19. Starting with having cleanliness is the prior thing to avoid the contact of it. And also the cleanliness should be related to the inside and outside of ourselves. We usually worry about our social, physical and mental issues;right.

Dr.Geeta Singh mam suggested about the social issues we should be clean and pure.

And we pour our respect regarding old people. Coming to the physical issues we should approach yoga, meditation. And lastly,to deal with mental issues we compulsorily go with the Pooja's,mantras,and bhakti songs etc. She also made clear all the queries asked by the people who participated in the webinar like to prevent the cough and cold. We better suggested the amla,haldi dalchini etc. And she suggested the usage of ….

Ayurvedic treatment causes no stress,side effects and immediate curation.

     Thirdly,the Dr. Ashok Yadav, negotiated about yoga, asanas, and meditation. He suggested and practically showed the asanas ,and led us how to do, and about the movements ,also the uses and benefits of every asana he practically did.For example; Astangasana,Sarvangasana trikonasana etc. He even suggested some movements which are related to fingers like gyan mudra and prana mudra which benefits us to improve immunity through doing them.


    Finally, coming to the Dr.Baldev sir, who simply derived the motivation for Ayurvedic usage in our daily life. The negotiation held with the sir is very unique and definitely believable. He started with the comparison of Universe and ayurvedic in life. The main ideal things in the universe are the Sun , the moon and air; right? Like the same Ayurveda is also fond of something like cold cough and fever etc. And as a unique matter of fact to realise that no one can go through the same thing in everything. That may be considered in eating, sleeping,walking,habits they follow etc all. One person can have 2 rotis and other can have 4 roties but for real a 2 roti guy seems fatty and 4 roti guy a skinny. Is this be believable or can anyone assume their idleness before having looked into their lives. Nope! I know.

  Even on Earth,we are having different types of seasons in a single year. And the right sense of following each and every thing according to the particular season like food, clothes etc. For example,we are getting mangoes in the summer season;right? If we had mangoes as they only got on summer season only we may face disturbance in our body. Like there is a proper limit and guidelines for having everything. Even in Ayurveda, for example,tulasi leaves are good for health as we all know. For that reason if we had daily only those leaves, what's the situation of ours,it's unbearable. Like ayurveda is very well suggestive but we have to know it completely and clearly.

  And there is also something strange we can get  that not all people can be cured by the same type of treatment even though they are facing the same type of problem as disease. It is a bit unbelievable but the thing is real. Ayurveda can prove it. Here we can get assurance that there is no particular medicine for COVID-19 but with the base of symptoms they are facing ayurveda can suggest the 100 percent curable medicines.

  As everyone gets doubted, is there any proof for ayurvedic history or the remedies they suggest? Obviously they may say no but the best proof they can suggest the curable cases of ayurvedic treatment. 

  Lastly Dr.Geeta Singh suggested that ayurveda is also best suggested for dysmenorrhea,PCOS, diabetes and heavy diets etc. For these simply they can suggest not to be over stressed and eat ,sleep properly in time.

Also Dr.Satish Garg suggested that to have a great and healthy day we should wake up early and have a look at the Sun and should do exercises,yoga, meditation, morning walks etc.

  One of the most common Resolutions, and one that is broken the most as well, is improving one’s own health and well-being, followed by improving the health and well-being of those close to us. We are all creatures of habit, and habits are what keep us where we are, and habits are what makes it so difficult to keep our promises to ourselves and those around us. Some of these habits compromise our immunity: habits of worry and stress, of over-eating, eating and sleeping poorly, of not being active enough, of being unhappy, or angry, and so on.

   Through the whole webinar section we got how to stay motivated and build immunity through great negotiations.