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Insights from gender-based violence during the lockdown

May 13, 2020 Gaurika Kalsi 0 Comments

Webinar series: Insights from gender-based violence during the lockdown

Report by:- Gaurika Kalsi


The Empower People Organisation has taken an initiative to support and empower people even in this difficult time of the pandemic through various webinars on several issues of the society.

This report is based on the webinar which was conducted on 13th May 2020 at 08:00pm (IST). The agenda of webinar was gender-based violence during the lockdown.

Ms Khyati Arora, commenced the briefing of the discussion and invited the chief guest, Julie Sane Pezet, Co-founder at ila Generation. Ms Julie began the discussion with a presentation  in order to establish visual understanding.

 Following are the various points covered by Ms Julie SP: -

  • Ø  One of the missions of her organisation (ila Generation) is to tackle gender-based discrimination/violence.
  • Ø  Gender-based violence is not just among a certain category of people but each section of the society whether low-income /uneducated groups or the well accomplished/ educated and everyone in-between.
  • Ø  The ongoing pandemic encountered various press releases of domestic violence. And she considered percentages of domestic violence in France, UK, and India over the time and higher occurrence possibilities of these violence during the isolation period of the covid-19 pandemic.

  • Ø  She discussed what gender-based violence is, concept of control in relationships, prevention of the violence, and the homicide timeline by Dr Jane Monckton Smith.  

  •            Different shapes of the abuse.


  • Ø  People hesitate to speak about the violence due to certain emotional, societal & economic reasons.
  • Ø  Domestic violence and toxic masculinity in entertainment media.

Thereafter, Ms Hridaya Ajgaonkar talked about her favorite sections of the presentation and some questions were addressed regarding filing of FIRs for the domestic violence and #METOO movement.

Ms Khyati Arora, mentioned the impacts of the indulgence of children in cases of domestic violence.  

Then, after that Ms Sumati Rani acknowledged the story of Thappad and Kabir Singh. Two of the Bollywood movies which portrayed domestic violence against the women, toxic masculinity, and how society chooses to just let go of/normalize such serious issues.

At the end, the discussion was concluded with some facts about menstrual hygiene, inappropriate touch, societal pressure, alcoholism and recognition of domestic violence.

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